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Friday, November 16, 2018

Measurement and Fractions

We started our new math unit on measurement and fractions this week. We will be learning about non-standard units of measure (our hands, steps, paperclips, etc.) and measuring in inches along with lots of measurement vocabulary - length, width, shorter, longer, estimate, etc. We will also be learning about dividing things into halves and fourths.

Arranging items by length

Measuring with paper clips

Measuring with unifix cubes

Measuring with our hands

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Parts of a Story

In reading and writing, we have been learning about the parts of a story. The parts we are learning include:
Beginning - tells the characters, the setting and the problem the character has
Middle - tells the events in the story or the ways that the character tries to solve the problem - it includes lots of time words like first, next, then, after that, before, finally
End - tells how the character solves the problem and often how the character is feeling

We learned a way to use our hands and fingers to help us remember all of the parts. We use this method to retell stories we have read in reading and we use it to help us remember to include all of the important parts when we are writing a story about our life. We learned that the middle is flexible - it can have two or three parts or many parts depending on the story we are telling.

Ask your child to retell a story that you read together and teach you the hand/finger method we use.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Interesting Things in Our Room

We have had some interesting things in our room lately. Check them out below.

Pumpkin the Tarantula visited us for a few days. Mr. G's crew sent her over so we could spend some time with her.

Taco the Tortoise, from Ms. SamAntha's crew visited us during a recent morning meeting. She was fascinating.

We have some "flippy" pillows that Nora's family is letting us borrow so that the children who don't have those "flippy" sequined shirts can have a chance to feel and flip those sequins without rubbing someone else's chest.

We have a book of photos that show our Fall Break adventures. We love browsing through these photos and they give us all lots of ideas of things to write about.

We have some beautiful plants that Ms. Deborah brought in from her house to spend the winter. We spent one morning meeting right after Fall Break cutting off the dried leaves and flowers. We all enjoyed using our scissors for this job. We also had to do some clean up after we were done. We will see how well the plants do in our window.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Silly Smiles

One of the most important things to a young child is having a wiggly tooth and/or finally losing a tooth. It happens at different times for everyone but it is a big deal when it happens. Enjoy our silly, toothy and toothless grins.