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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crew News August 10, 2011

Ms. Dee, Our Educational Assistant
We are so lucky to have Ms. Dee as our educational assistant this year. She is a certified teacher and is great with kids. It is so nice to have her with us all day. She takes on many roles in our room but her most important role in the kids' eyes is that of care-giver. She helps with blisters, lost teeth, band-aids, tears and much more. Be sure to say hello when you see her.

Mr. Cody, Our Adventure Education Coordinator
On Monday, Mr. Cody, our Adventure Education Coordinator, came and worked with our class. We did an activity called traffic. We worked with a partner and one of us was the "car" and one of us was the "driver". The "car" was blindfolded so the driver had to steer them around an obstacle course that Mr. Cody set up for us. We had a lot of fun. Pictures are below.

Please remember that you must sign a Volunteer Agreement prior to volunteering at school. If you haven't or aren't sure if you have, you can check in with Andrea at the front office. You may have already signed the agreement when you did your Express Check- In. The Volunteer Agreement is also here.

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