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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crew News August 9, 2011

Our Hopes and Dreams for First Grade
On the first day of school we thought about our hopes and dreams for first grade. Below is a Voice Thread (slide show) of our pictures and thoughts about what we hope will happen this year. They are very cute. I am so happy that I will be able to make many of these hopes and dreams come true. Voice Thread is an application that we will be using often this year. Click on the arrow to start the slide show. You can then just watch as the pictures go by or you can move forwards and backwards using the large arrows at the bottom of the Voice Thread. Later in the year we will begin to add our voices to each picture to describe it but for the beginning of the year we are just using pictures.

Birthday Celebrations
We do love to celebrate birthdays in our room. It helps us continue to build a sense of community. You may send in treats with your child on his/her birthday. Things you should know when sending in treats:
  1. Cupcakes and cookies are fine if they are the small size ones. We don't need too much sugar and those regular size cupcakes are rarely finished by most students. Let's prevent waste and sugar overdoses. 
  2. Treats should should be purchased from a store and have the ingredient label attached.
  3. We do have 28 students in our crew.
  4. We do have 3 students with life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies. They may not have treats that have nuts in them or that are processed in a factory with nuts.
  5. Fruit is a fine treat. The most popular birthday treat I have seen has been those little Clementine oranges. The students all loved them and were so proud because they could peel them by themselves.  
  6. We do our birthday celebrations right at the end of the school day but you may send the treats in the morning.
  7. Students with birthdays in the summer can choose a day close to the end of the school year to celebrate with the crew if they choose.
  8. Your child does not have to bring treats on their birthday. It is completely their choice.


  1. Wow Ms. Jill. I can't WAIT to come in and use the toy machine! What a wonderful first week assignment. SO much fun to see what their hopes and dreams are. And yes, they are all so doable! (Well, mostly) Thanks for sharing! Have a GREAT year with those little darlings!

  2. This was GREAT! Staci Harmon

  3. Can I add my Hope and Dream? It would be that I could spend all day in first grade! What a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing it with us!