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Friday, October 7, 2011

Crew News October 7, 2011

Then and Now
Below is our first Voice Thread of the year that includes our own voices. It is a collection of the things we learned when we interviewed our parents and grandparents about what life was like for them when they were our age. If you subscribe to the blog and get this by email, you will need to go directly to the blog to watch this Voice Thread. Be sure the sound is up on your computer so that you can hear our voices. Enjoy!

Great Discussion This Week
We had several great discussions this week. I will share two of them with you here. One was in math. We were sorting dominoes into piles by the numbers of dots on them. The piles we were creating were both numbers even, both numbers odd and one odd and one even number. Some of the dominoes were blank or had zero dots. This led to a great discussion about whether zero was even or odd. We used patterns on our number grid to decide that zero in even. (In later years they will learn about even numbers being divisible by 2.)

Another great discussion was during Expedition. We were finding China on a map and I mentioned that when it was daytime here that it was nighttime in China. This led to a long discussion of day and night, the Earth's rotation around the sun and how the Earth rotates on it's axis. We acted out what happens with Morgan playing the sun while I spun and rotated our globe around her. We also ended up talking about continents and the equator. They were fascinated and really enjoyed the discussion. I love when things just develop like this out of pure interest.

No homework over Fall Break. Enjoy lots of great books with your child.

Our IA after Fall Break will be Music.

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  1. This is so neat. What a wonderful way to incorporate technology into the Expedition. I bet the students were so proud to be able to share their writing (and voices) with an authentic audience!