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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crew News November 17, 2011

Our reading time is divided up into several parts: whole group, small groups and individual learning time. We learn different things during each of these times. During the whole group time we learn those things that are the bigger parts of the first grade curriculum or are things that all students need to learnFor example, right now we are doing a unit on retelling a story you have read. We are learning to remember to include the character's names, the setting and the important events from the plot. We will soon move on to summary retelling which is a more general retelling and gives only the most important details of a story. During small groups, students are grouped together with others who need to learn the same things that they do. Each group is learning different skills. Some skills that groups may be working on could include decoding skills, sight words, comprehension, fluency, a specific genre study (like folktales and plays) and many other things. The last type of learning during reading is independent learning time. During this time students read "just right" books while Ms. Dee and I come around and confer with them about specific things that they need to be working on while they are reading. All of these parts combine together to provide each child with exactly those things that will help them continue to grow as a reader.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 4.4 Measuring with Inches

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