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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crew News April 24, 2012

We learned a little bit about scientific notebooks. We have created an observation journal to keep track of what we notice about our worms. We are drawing sketches and writing notes about what we observe.

Service Learning
We ended up doing a little service learning project this morning. After our playground clean up yesterday, the crew wanted to figure out how to make sure that the playground stays clean. We generated lots of ideas. One big idea was to posts signs everywhere asking people to clean up their trash. We decided not to go with this idea because our signs might accidentally become litter on the playground. We decided to ask to visit classrooms and share our ideas with them about keeping our school clean. I emailed the other teachers and several of them invited us in today to speak to their crews. Every student in our crew who wanted to speak to another crew got the chance - some opted out of this experience. They all came back feeling very proud of themselves and hopeful that our school would stay clean and beautiful. Below is the list of names of which students spoke to which crews. Ask your child about his or her experience.

Mr. Neil - Joey and Keanan H.
Ms. Lisa - Nico and Tessa
Ms. Brittany - Will and Lulu
Ms. Mary -  Mark and Brandon
Ms. Lauren - Cole and Isadora
Ms. Hanni - Brek, Peyton and Kayden
Ms. Sarah - Sydney and Steyn
Mr. Josh - Lili and Dillen
Ms. Rebecca - Myles and Jonah
Ms. MarySue - Ava and Doran

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 8.10 Unit 9: Family Letter ~ Place Value and Fractions

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