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Monday, May 7, 2012

Crew News May 7, 2012

Benefits of Reading Aloud
The benefits of reading aloud have really been showing up in our crew lately. There are so many good reasons to read aloud to your child but below are a couple of things that I have seen just in the last few weeks.

1. Reading aloud creates community and gives students things to bond over. For example, we all can share a laugh as we remember something funny in a book we read. On our recent Voyage, the bus driver was going over the bus safety rules with the students. She couldn't see the students when they were sitting down in those big bus seats so she had them stand up so that they could make eye contact with her. After she was done with her short speech she said something about how now they could put their bottoms on the seat. This caused the kids who were sitting around me to think about a Roscoe Riley book that we had read together. In this book, Roscoe thought he would help his teacher manage his class by gluing them to their chairs with super strong glue called Super Mega Gonzo Glue. On the bus, our crew all got the giggles thinking about this and said that they should use some Super Mega Gonzo Glue to glue themselves to the bus seats. Because this was a book we had read aloud, everyone was able to be in on the joke and the fun.

2. Reading aloud gives us in-depth knowledge about books and characters we love. We are currently participating in a game of Poetry Tag with K-3 classes around the country. (You may have read about this in an earlier blog post.) Anyway, when it was our turn to add a poem, we noticed that the theme was mostly about dogs and the quirky things they do. We were able to write and add our own poem about Mudge from the Henry and Mudge series by Cynthia Rylant. The crew knew Mudge well and could really describe his quirks. My favorite line that they came up with was that he is a "cracker eating dog".

The haiku poem about Mudge that our crew wrote and Keanan H. illustrated.

3. Reading aloud exposes kids to lots of books and helps them make judgements about books that they like and want to read. The students in our crew can talk about authors like Cynthia Rylant or Mo Willems. They can talk about different book series like Elephant and Piggie, The Fly Guy, Henry and Mudge, Fluffy, Ready Freddy and many more. They are aware of books and know what books they want to check out when they go to the library.

4. Read aloud is fun and can create these same experiences in families. I know that earlier in the year I linked to this article about a dad who read aloud to his daughter every day of her life from when she was in fourth grade until she started college. I highly recommend that you take a look at this again if you don't remember it. What a great way to bond with your child and to create so many fun memories, connections and experiences with reading. We still read aloud to our middle school aged daughter every night and I have to admit that I still love being read aloud to also. It is so relaxing for me.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
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