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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crew News May 8, 2012

Critical Thinking Skills in Math
I am a big believer in developing critical thinking skills in math. The crew knows that as we discuss math problems, I will almost always ask them one of these questions at they solve a problem:

1. How do you know?
2. How did you figure that out?
3. Is there another way that you could have figured that out?

At first, they had trouble answering this type of question but as they have had more and more practice, they have really grown in their ability to come up with a good answer. I do still have those students who want to say "I just know" or "The answer just popped into my head".  At those times, I always ask them how they could explain how to solve the problem to someone else. My goal is to have them really be able to think deeply about a problem. This will help them in their adult daily life and there are far more jobs in our world today for people who can think and puzzle things out. I really want students to focus on that thinking so that they can transfer those types of skills to other problems as they come up.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
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