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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Reading

At our Closing Circle on Thursday I mentioned that I would post pictures of myself reading on the blog and that I would love to get some pictures of the crew reading this summer that I could also post on the blog. I already got the first picture!
Cole reads until he falls asleep.

So what am I reading? Over Memorial Day weekend, I participated in a "chat" on Twitter called #titletalk. This chat involved teachers and librarians who get together once a month on Twitter to talk about books and how to use them in your classroom. Last weekend the topic was Graphic Novels.

I was really interested in this topic because our crew loves Elephant and Piggie books so much that I wanted to find that "next, great series" for them to love. I learned about many series during the chat so I put them on hold at the library and they came in yesterday. I spent this morning reading and reading and found some great new series that I know many in our crew would love. I just wish I had a couple more weeks with the crew. Anyway, I created a new Pinterest page of these books that I wanted to share with you as you are looking for great books to read this summer.  Click on the picture below to go to the page or click here. To view all of my Pinterest book pages, click here.

I will send out an email later with dates that I will be at the library so the crew and I can meet up to talk about books.

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