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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crew News December 19, 2012

Math Practice
A few of you have asked for ways to practice math concepts at home with your child. I decided to gather a few of the resources I can share with you here in this post. Please use what you like and remember to keep any practice that you do at home light and fun.

Math page - On our crew blog, there is a page with games (both online and off line) that will help your child practice basic math skills. For the offline games, there are step by step directions. At the bottom of this page there are links for parents that have curriculum links, frequently asked questions and more.

Resources page - Also on our crew blog is the Resources page of online games and activities. There is a section of math games here that are directly related to the content we learn in first grade.

Home Links -  At the top of each Home Link is a short paragraph explaining what we learned in class that day. They often have tips and strategies for how to help your child at home.

Family Letters - At the end of each unit, a letter comes home that tells all about the upcoming unit. It will have games, activities and things to do with your child at home to support or extend their math learning. It also has the answers to the problems on the daily Home Links. (This might not be important to you now but it might come in handy when your child is in the upper grades.)

Bedtime Math - I wrote about this site in an earlier post. This site has a daily problem (with several levels) that you can do with your child each night along with their bedtime story.

Hopefully one of these will be just what some of you are looking for and will be a fun way to help your child work on math skills.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 5.6 Relation Symbols

We have library tomorrow. Please help your child remember to bring back his or her books.

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