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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crew News January 10, 2013

Shelfari Book Shelf
I mentioned earlier that we have an online crew bookshelf on Shelfari that shows all of the books that we have read together so far this year. Now, the crew has taken over adding the books to our shelf at the end of each day. So far Cutter, Reese, Nathan, Leyton and Ashlyn have had a week long turn to add books to our shelf. We will continue to work through our crew until everyone who would like to have a turn gets one. Ms. Wendy sits nearby as they add books in case they have a question but they really end up doing it all on their own. They are all so independent.

A small version of our Shelfari shelf is on the right hand side of this blog. You can click on the "next" button to see other pages of the shelf. For a larger version, click here.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 5.9 Comparing Sums

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