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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crew News April 11, 2013

Sharing During Morning Meeting
Each morning during our Morning Meeting we have a sharing time. This is a time to share things that are happening in our lives that are important to us. Three people share each day and then they get to take two questions or comments from the crew. I thought I would share a bit about what was shared this morning as an example. Jonathan shared about a ski trip that he went on during Spring Break. Abby shared about the spacer in her mouth. Van had very exciting news. He shared pictures from his doctor's appointment yesterday. He went in for allergy tests and found out that he is no longer allergic to tree nuts - only peanuts. He was very happy about that. Sharing time is very important to our crew and it is a great way to bond with each other and get to know each other better.

Van points to the mark that shows he is still allergic to peanuts.

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