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Monday, April 29, 2013

Crew News April 29, 2013

Reading Aloud
Our crew loves a good read aloud. We have read many, many books aloud this year - over 320 - as you can see here on our crew bookshelf. Reading aloud has many benefits including promoting reading for enjoyment, increasing vocabulary, improving both listening and reading comprehension, expanding attention spans, developing imaginations, exposing readers to new books that they might not try on their own and creating a bond between reader and listener.

We have definitely bonded over many books this year. I love having the crew relate new books to older books we have read or to experiences we are having. An example of this happened on our recent Voyage. A couple of girls made "bologna glasses" out of their circle shaped pieces of turkey in their lunches just like Clementine did using bologna in the book we were reading at the time. All of the kids in the area got the joke and were able to be part of the fun. I love when this happens and it ends up happening a lot.

If you are looking for some great books to read aloud to your child, I would suggest chapter books that are just a little above their current reading ability. This allows them to hear those books that they can't read yet themselves and to have books to look forward to reading in the future. Below are some books that we have read aloud at school. These books are all part of a series so you could always start with another book in the series of your choice. All are funny and appeal to first graders on many levels.

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