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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crew News April 7, 2013

Back to School on Tuesday
The crew will come back to school Tuesday. I have missed them all so much - two weeks is a long time to be away from them. We will be having a very busy first week back. We will begin preparing to lead the All School Meeting that is scheduled for April 17th - this takes lots of preparation and practice. We will also have our Voyage to Castlewood Canyon on Thursday for some rock climbing and hiking. Yep, we have a very busy week ahead! The rest of the year is going to fly by. We need to remember to take a minute to just enjoy it all.

We will be able to get back to work on our animal research. We all chose an animal and have been researching important facts about them. We will eventually write an "All About" book about our chosen animal. I have gathered some more books for the crew to use while researching and have added some more sources to our online resources page and ipads. The crew was very excited about this project before we left so hopefully they will be when we come back, too. Below are some pictures of some books I have gathered for them to use that they might enjoy getting a sneak preview of before tomorrow.

I have also gathered a couple of new book collections for the crew to browse. One collection is from the series of Fluffy books. Fluffy is a guinea pig who lives in a classroom and has many exciting adventures - some real and some only in his mind.

The other set of books includes the Dragon series which is written by the same author at the Ricky Ricotta series that is so popular in our room right now. I also included a similar book about Ook and Gluk that those same readers will enjoy.

I also picked up some more books in the Weird But True series that we all love. I am waiting for more to come in on hold at the library.

Finally, I have some great books lined up for our read aloud time. The crew will love these books. They are all very funny.

All of this should have your child chomping at the bit and ready to return to school Tuesday. I know I am! See you soon.

PS All school library books are due this week even though we won't have library because we will be on our Voyage that day. Please help your child find their books and return them. Thanks.

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