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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crew News June 5, 2013

We will always have so many great memories of first grade. You can hear us share some of our favorite memories of the year in the VoiceThread below. If you get this post by email, you will need to go directly to the blog to view (and hear) our memories.

To close out our year, I thought I would share some of the fortunes that the crew wrote for Wendy and me in our fortune cookie door display. Enjoy. Some of these will bring a tear to your eye.

Jill's Fortunes
  • Thank you for helping me go to chapter books.   -LJ
  • You are my favorite teacher!!!    - Henry
  • You are the best teacher I have had so far!!  -Caleb
  • You will always be a good teacher.   -Cheyenne
  • You made me love books.   -Charlie
  • You are a very helpful and caring teacher. I am happy because of all of your games and books are awesome.    -Ashlyn
  • I love Ms. Jill because she reads books that are great!!!!!!!!   Love, Sophia
  • You make first grade the best!    -Trey
  • I like when you spelled words.    -Asher
  • You will brighten the future of many kids.   -Abby
  • You are the best!  -Owen
  • You taught me to read and write.    -Natalie
  • You work so hard for us and so good.    -Logan
  • Thank you for being a good teacher.   - Phoebe
  • I like when you teach me math.    - Matthew
  • You are a great teacher.     -Ian
  • I'm fortunate to have you for a teacher because you helped me read chapter books and become a really, really good reader.       Love, Jonathan
  • Thank you for making learning so much fun!!     Love, Reese
  • Thank you for teaching me.     - Leyton
  • Thank you for being a good teacher.   -Vitorio
  • I will never forget you.    - Nathan
  • You are the best teacher in the whole world because we learn a lot.  -Cutter
  • You taught me: You learn to read from writing and you learn to write from reading.  -Olivia
  • I like you as a teacher.    -Van
  • You are the best!   -Rylan
Wendy's Fortunes
  • Thank you for teaching me not to blurt out.   - LJ
  • Thank you for all your help!!  -Caleb
  • Thank you for helping us!!!   -Henry
  • You will always be a good teacher.  -Cheyenne
  • Thank you so much for helping me.   -Charlie
  • You are a very caring teacher and you are hilarious! I am happy because you can teach sign language.   -Ashlyn
  • I love Ms. Wendy because she helps us every day!!!!!!!!   Love, Sophia
  • Best Teacher Ever!   -Trey
  • Sign Language  -Asher
  • Your help is a great example to many kids.   -Abby
  • You are a good helper and are good at teaching sign language.   -Natalie
  • You are the best of being funny.    -Logan
  • Thank you for helping us.   -Phoebe
  • I like when you teach me sign language.   -Matthew
  • You will have a great summer.  -Ian
  • Thank you for helping me learn so much about China, bees, and worms! Love, Jonathan
  • Thank you for helping so that we can learn more good stuff.  Love, Reese
  • Dear Ms. Wendy, I love you as a teacher.  -Leyton
  • You are good at sign language.  -Vitorio
  • You are really nice to us, Ms. Wendy.   -Cutter
  • You were always there for me!    -Nathan
  • You help me with words I don't know in reading and writing.  -Olivia
  • Thank you for all that you have done for us.   -Rylan
  • I like you as a teacher.   -Van
  • You are awesome. Thank you for teaching us sign language.   -Owen

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