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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crew News August 13, 2013

Character Traits
At our school, we have five character traits that we try to uphold and live by. They are beneficence, empathy, integrity, perseverance and stewardship. We are learning all about these traits right now so we will be able to live them for the remainder of the school year.

The first trait that we have learned about is perseverance. Perseverance means continuing to try even when things are challenging. We can demonstrate this so many ways at home and at school. We read have read several books about perseverance. Ask your child to tell you about the cow who learned to swim in Sink or Swim.

Lochen's Injury
Normally I wouldn't write a blog post about a playground injury but in this case I am making an exception. Lochen bumped his head on the concrete tunnel during lunch recess yesterday. As you probably know, head injuries can bleed a lot. This injury was no exception. Lochen's face, hair and arms were covered with blood. It really worried the crew so I wanted to let you know what happened as I am sure your child mentioned it to you last night. Lochen did go to the emergency room and has one staple in his head to keep the small wound closed. Below is a photo of his staple. He shared his story during morning meeting today and we all took turns taking a look at his staple. We are so glad that Lochen is better today and that the healing has already started.

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