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Friday, August 23, 2013

Crew News August 23, 2013

Blogging and Tweeting
We have introduced blogging to the crew. They are all very excited about it. Each child has their own blog at a site called Kidblog. All blog posts are approved by me before they are posted to ensure that your child shares only appropriate information. Similarly, all comments on each post must also be approved by me before they will appear. You are welcome (and encouraged) to comment on any blog, just know that your comment won't appear immediately. It will appear after I approve it. This prevents spam comments and other types of comments that the crew doesn't need. You may share the link to our crew Kidblog page with your extended family so that they can comment, too. Nothing encourages a young writer more than getting a comment and knowing that someone has read what they have written. Commenting on students' blogs could count as part of your volunteer hours!

We take turns posting on our blogs so it might take a while before you see your child's first post. No one is required to publish a blog post but they will all at least create a draft of a post. We will add more and more different items to our blogs as the year progresses.  We will add things like photos, ShowMe presentations, Telligami presentations, 30 Hands presentations and more. They become so independent with all of this so quickly. Your child's blog will be a great place for you to visit to get a glimpse into what your child is learning at school. Remember, they would love a comment.

Your child may also blog from home. If they can't remember their password, just send me an email and I will send it to you.

The link to our Kidblog page is on the sidebar of our crew blog.

I have recently connected with a teacher, Mrs. Price, in Australia through Twitter. We are hoping to have our classes connect with each other through Twitter (time zones will make Skyping or connecting live a bit tough). She has also commented on a few of the students' blogs. Our class Twitter account is @MsJillsCrew. We learned about it today and sent a couple of questions to Mrs. Price's class. We can't wait to read their responses.

No homework for the weekend. Enjoy some good books with your child.

IA (Integrated Arts)
Our IA next week is Music.

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