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Monday, September 9, 2013

Crew News September 9, 2013

We Are All Experts
One of my goals as a teacher is to help each child find the things that they are passionate about and to know their own strengths. To get us started thinking about this we talked about the words “passionate” and “expert” during a recent morning meeting. Then we thought for a couple of days about what our passions and strengths might be. Finally, we created the charts shown here. We use these charts to help us remember that we are all good at something. This helps on those days when something might seem particularly challenging. We also use them to get to know our crew members better. We know who to ask if we need help or have a question about something. We can also use the charts to help us recommend good books that we find to others. They are also great conversation starters and have led to some wonderful sharing. We are all really starting to appreciate our differences and similarities and how these change over time. It is so exciting to me to see the crew really show a deeper understanding of each other and our strengths. Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 2.5 Clocks and Watches

Bring in your gear for the Voyage.

Important Dates
September 11 and 12 - Fall Voyage for 1st Grade
September 13 - Day of Rest for 1st Grade
October 4 - Boot Camp

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  1. We think it's cool that you all have special talents! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    At our school, we have a day called Identity Day for the whole school. Each student shares what he or she is passionate about. We like sharing our talents with our school, and we feel like we get to know each other better because of it.

  2. Team Baldwin,

    We feel the same way. We think Identity Day sounds like a good idea and it sounds like fun! We hope you all enjoy it!