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Monday, September 16, 2013

My Memories of the Fall Voyage

As I have been reflecting on this year's Fall Voyage, I have thought of several stories about the trip that you might enjoy hearing, too. While I am sure that there are many great stories that I missed, below are a few stories that I thought I would share with you.
  • On the bus on the way to Camp Elim, both first grade crews spontaneously burst into one of the chants we have learned in math. It is: "2, 4, 6, 8, first graders are really great". They were so exuberant while they were chanting that you couldn't help but smile. It seems like math has bonded the entire first grade.
  • The look of surprise or shock when we told the kids that we were going to eat lunch on the bus on the way up was priceless. The littlest things mean the most to them. One boy even shared that as his favorite part of the whole Voyage during our closing circle.
  • Just as all of the girls were beginning to settle in at night, one girl popped up and said, "I don't want a top bunk anymore." Within a minute, another girl popped up and said, "But I do." So began the bed shuffle and starting the settling down process again.
  • One boy was having trouble sleeping and another boy came over to comfort him and help him fall asleep. He kept glancing at the chaperone to see if it was okay. The chaperone thought it was very sweet.
  • During the obstacle course, one boy began to cry as he tried to climb up and over the "A-frame" so he came down and finished the rest of the course. He came back later and triumphantly climbed  the "A-frame" and immediately ran around to do it one more time. Perseverance paid off him. He was so proud.
  • I saw so many of the crew practicing good stewardship while we were hiking. They would see a piece of trash and pick it up and carry it until we reached a trash can. (Yes, we did wash hands before every meal.)
  • As we were packing up on Thursday morning, one girl became the sleeping bag stuffing expert and helped almost all of the girls in her cabin stuff their sleeping bags into the sacks.
  • While hiking two girls were constantly on the prowl for "perfume" (sage).
  • After our campfire and closing circle on Wednesday night, I read a Henry and Mudge book to the crew. I love how calm they get when they listen to a story. It felt like a little bit of school while we were away.
  • During our closing circle on Wednesday night I felt like the crew was not "right" so I had them do a count around the circle. It turned out that one crew member was missing and then I remembered that he was with his dad so all was good. However, this prompted one crew member to bring up Harry so we talked about my FaceTime chat with Harry from the night before and how he had a chance to do some painting with one of the nurses. It felt nice that Harry was part of that closing circle.
  • On the bus on the way home, it was so relaxing to just sit amongst the crew and watch them be children. There was lots of pretend play with stuffed animals and animal crackers, storytelling and writing numbers on paper. Nothing big but they were all very content and having a great time.
  • As we got closer to the school, one boy asked if the bus could just drop him off at home since it was on the way and he was sure that his parents would appreciate it since they might be busy.
  • The crew was totally flexible and went with the flow for the entire Voyage. They really didn't know what day it was or what time it was. Even after eating dinner on the bus, one boy was surprised to learn that school was already out for the day when we got home. He was wondering if we would do another closing circle when we got there.
  • Finally, I would like to say a special thanks to Wendy for helping to keep things running smoothly. It was great to have her to lean on.
Be sure to check out the information and slideshow on the previous blog post for more details about our Voyage.
Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 2.6 Telling Time to the Hour
Expedition ~ Interviews with Grandparents are due tomorrow.

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