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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Are Family Case Study #1 Our Own Families

We learned so much about how our families were similar and different during the first case study. We acted as social scientists and gathered data about our families. We have graphed some of our data to make it easier to see it all at once and to analyze it. We graphed the type of homes we live in, we graphed the cities we live in, we graphed the number of people in our family and we graphed the favorite dinners of our families. We have also gathered data about how our families have changed over time by thinking about how the lives of our parents and grandparents are different from our lives today. We have learned so much as you can see in the pictures below.

Big Ideas

· The cultures of my family and other families are similar and different.
· Families change over time.
· People around the world live in families.  These families are similar and different.

Guiding Questions

· What is a family?
· How is my family the same and different from others in the classroom?
· How are families the same and different in the past and present?
· How are families the same and different in other places in the world?  
Some of these big ideas and guiding questions will be addressed in our second case study which we started yesterday and is about families in China.

If you are viewing these photos directly on the blog, you can click on each picture to enlarge it.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two. Practice retelling the story to someone at home.
Math ~ Home Link 2.11 Nickels and Pennies

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