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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Maker Station

We have finished this round (actually 2 rounds) of our Maker Station. We will move on to other things in our Build and Create center for a while. We will come back to the Maker Station again later in the rotation of activities. We like to keep the interest fresh by constantly rotating our activities. Before we move on I wanted to share one of the things that some kids began making right before Fall Break. They made sharing stick cups. We use sharing sticks (popsicle sticks) with each student's name on them to determine who will have a turn to share during morning meeting. We select three sticks each day - except for Mondays when we drum. Students love to have their stick pulled. Anyway, one day I looked over at the Maker Station and students were writing names of their crew mates on popsicle sticks and creating their own sharing cups. I heard them calling on each other after school as they waited to be picked up. Pretend play at its finest.
My sharing stick cups - green for those waiting for a turn and red for those who have already had a turn.

Student created sharing stick cups.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 3.5 Number Lines and Counting Patterns

We have library tomorrow. If your child has not already turned in his or her book, please help them remember to do so.

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