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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Showing What We Have Learned

Most of you have seen the ShowMes that we create and post on our blogs. I wanted to give you a bit of the background for these. I use these as a way to assess what students know and can do. I learn so much about each student when watching a ShowMe that he or she has created. It helps me know what that child needs to work on or learn next. I have created a system that allows each child to keep track of what they have learned. I created a checklist of things that they can use to generate ideas for ShowMes. This list is based on the long term learning targets that we are currently working on.

For example, the checklist list below was based on the learning targets in the next picture. Students can show what they know and have learned in a ShowMe. We still have other types of assessments (like tests) but ShowMes give me so much more information. Click on the picture to see a larger version. Check out your child's Kidblog to see which of these learning targets he or she has demonstrated in a ShowMe.

Our most recent learning targets. We will have a new ShowMe checklist for these soon.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 3.2 Odd and Even Numbers
Bring a lunch from home for Boot Camp tomorrow.

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