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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Word Work

During the phonics or word work time of our day, we learn many things about how words work. Today we did an activity called Making Words. We used letter cards and built words. Our goal was to make as many different words as we could while trying to figure out what word could be made using all of the letters we were given. Along the way we could talk about spelling patterns, word families and how you can change a word by changing one letter. It is a fun way to learn some great strategies to use when reading, writing and spelling words.

First Graders - You Have to Love Them
Today during Exploration Stations, I took a quick walk around the room between reading groups. What I saw was classic first grade. As I passed by the Handwriting Station, I saw this sign:
Good! Go away! We do not need help!

As I walked around to see who had written the sign, I saw this sign laying behind the first sign:
SOS! We need help!
Now I understood that the signs were for Wendy and I. They could change the sign to let us know whether or not the authors of the signs needed help or not. I couldn't help but giggle - first at the authentic use of writing and then because actually, they did need a little help - with spelling. I loved that they were using exclamation marks. We have been talking about how to use punctuation to help us read fluently. I also love that they knew that they didn't spell "need" and "help" correctly. They knew that they didn't look right so they decided to try to add a silent "e" to see if that would help. We talk a lot about checking to see if a word looks right and deciding how to fix it.

Anyway, I walked the rest of the way around the corner and saw the authors hard at work. Clearly, their sign was accurate. They did not need any help. They were working away quite independently.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 3.10 Dimes (This Home Link asks you to send in 10 dimes. You do not need to do that because you sent in all the coins your child would need at the beginning of the year.)

Student-Led Conferences are Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. See you then.

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