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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Measuring with a Tape Measure and More

Yesterday in math class, our question was: How do we measure things that are not flat? We talked about it for a bit and came up with some interesting ways to solve this problem. Then we learned about tape measures and used them to measure different parts of our bodies. We needed to work with a partner because it was hard to use the tape measure on our own bodies. Enjoy the photos below.

Another Book for our Classroom Library

We love all of the new books in our classroom library! Thanks!
Chanukah Presentation
Today, as part of our study of family cultures, Mason and Sam did a short presentation about Chanukah to the whole first grade. They brought in a menorah and candles and shared some of their family traditions.

Guest Reader
We had a wonderful guest reader today. Ms. Deborah came and read us a book that helped us introduce our new genre study in writing. We are writing stories about our own lives. Ms. Deborah read the book Saturdays and Teacakes to us. It was a great story about how a boy and his grandmother spend an afternoon. After Ms. Deborah was finished the crew took some time to try to write a story about their lives. They also asked her if she would come back again.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 4.7 Domino Dots

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