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Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Gifts from Australia

We were so surprised yesterday when Ms. Kristin walked into our room carrying a package for us from Mrs. Price's class in Australia. We knew that they had sent us one but we didn't think it would get here before the break. We wanted to look at the contents right away. Below are some pictures and videos of us looking at the contents. If you get this post by email, you will need to go directly to the blog to view the videos. Ms. Wendy recorded the reaction of the crew as I took the first items out of the package - their reaction will make you smile so it is worth a trip to the blog to see the two 30 second videos.

We created an Australia station in our Wonder and Explore area with many of the items from the box. Some items your child will be bringing home - we are spreading this out over a couple of days.

We are so lucky to have made such good friends with Mrs. Price's class. We wish them a happy summer vacation and can't wait to get in touch with most of them again after the break. Some of us are already working on replies to the notes we received. Thank you so much to Mrs. Price and her class for their friendship and all of the wonderful items in the box, too.

Mason and Sam are matching the coins from the box to the picture of coins Mrs. Price's class sent us earlier.

Not one but two great books were included in the box.

There were some coloring pages of Australian animals in the box.

We loved the stuffed kangaroo. We decided that we will take turns taking him home and writing about his adventures in a notebook. If you listen closely, you will hear this idea come up in the first video. The crew truly thought of it on their own.

Each of their students choose a student or two from our crew to write a note to and we each got a personal note.

Handmade pins were included in the box.

Ellison and Will showing all of the items in the box.

Another look at some of the items in the box.

Using the kangaroo holiday card to help select colors for the coloring page.

Will is sorting out all of the animal trading cards.

He is almost done.

I got a personal gift from Mrs. Price - a tea towel - so thoughtful. The babies without clothes made the crew giggle.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Play a math game and/or practice basic addition facts.

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