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Monday, December 2, 2013

More Skype Sessions with Australia

We had another Skype session with Mrs. Price's crew last Tuesday before break and another one again today. We are really starting to feel like we know them. What started out as tweeting and commenting on each others' blogs has begun to turn into more of a real relationship. We know many of her class by name and they know some of us. We are still learning more and more from them each day. During our last Skype session, we shared the coins we use in our countries with each other. We noticed that they had lots of animals (and a queen) on their coins and we had lots of presidents on ours. We also noticed that they did not have names for their coins other than 5 cent piece, etc.

The relationship with them is making us more aware of the world and the other people in it. For example, the other day when we were learning more about temperature and thermometers, we talked about the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. I told the crew that while we use the Fahrenheit scale in the United States, that most of the rest of the world uses the Celsius scale. This prompted an immediate response of "Do you think Mrs. Price's crew uses the Celsius scale, too?" We went straight to the computer and tweeted that question to them. They answered back that they do use the Celsius scale. While I could have just told the crew this, I think it means more to them now since they heard it straight from the source and that they know someone who does actually use the Celsius scale.

I love that we have made this connection and that we are learning so much from it. Their school year will end on December 20th but I hope that our connection with them will continue again after their new year starts up again.

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 12/2 Applications for the Discovery Program are due
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