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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Communication - One of the 4Cs

Last Friday we had a crew discussion about Communication. I wanted to see how much they could tell me about what we have learned about communication so far this year. It turns out that they could me a lot! It was one of those times when I wish that I had a video camera going. I had to settle for exchanging happy grins with Wendy. We were both amazed at how much they knew, remembered and were able to share. We began with a whole group discussion and then broke off into pairs to write up one of the ideas that came in the discussion for a group created chart. Below are photos of our chart and a list of ideas we generated. We were all so into the moment that we neglected to take pictures or video of the discussion or the partner work.

Our ideas about Communication (shown on the photos of the chart below):
  • talking - including making comments, listening, taking turns, making eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, thinking, responding by nodding head or saying uh-huh
  • reading and writing
  • drawing
  • different languages - sign language, Chinese (Mandarin), body language
  • making connections
  • asking and answering questions
  • sharing ideas
  • using tools to communicate - ShowMe, Twitter, Skype, email, phones, texts, FaceTime, Facebook, blogs
  • writing blog posts and commenting on blog posts

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 5.13 More "What's My Rule?"


  1. This sort of comes under the umbrella of communications and language: In October, when Samuel was in New York, I gave him a large pop-up book entitled "Castle." On the cover, the title was in an Old English font, like The New York Times logo. I showed it to him and asked, "Can you read that?" He looked at it and then sadly replied, "I can't read Hebrew yet."