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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing ~ Part 2

I am sharing some more writing samples today. This time you get to read the whole story written by 4 different students. Enjoy!

2 Teeth by Sam H.:

2 Teeth by Sam H.

I went to the dentist but my sister went first. My sister got one tooth pulled out. My sister's tooth was wiggly so it did not hurt. My brother did not do anything.

Then I went. They put something on my nose. They did something and then they pulled out my tooth.

The Time I Got Hit By a Snowball by Sloan:
The Time I Got Hit By a Snowball by Sloan

Yesterday I went to the park with my brother, my mom and my friend. When I went down the slide, my brother through a snowball. It went in my eye.

I cried like a bullet hit me. When I got home I got a nice, warm bath. The one that threw the snowball ran the water and got me a snack.

Lost by Joseph:

Lost by Joseph

One day my mom and I went grocery shopping. I loved going to the store. I was picking out a candy. My mom left. I got scared.

I went to find her! I saw my mommy so I ran to get her.

I found her.

My Friend's Pajama Birthday by Chloe:

My Friend's Pajama Birthday by Chloe

I went to my friend's house for a pajama party. We made a craft that is a dolphin.

The problem was when we were dancing. Two people got hurt. The problem got solved when we watched a movie and played.

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