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Saturday, April 5, 2014

So Much to Look Forward to...

Spring Break is coming to an end. Students come back to school on Tuesday, April 8th. We have so many exciting things to look forward to in these last few weeks of the school year. Below are just a few things to share with your child as he or she prepares to come back to school.

We will be learning about fractions. This will involve lots of cutting, gluing, folding, sharing and lots of fun.

You know how we have been learning about nonfiction books in Reading, well, now we are going to write a nonfiction book in writing. Be thinking about an animal that you want to write about - either one you love or one that you want to learn more about. We will be researching our animals and writing a book about them.

We will continue to learn more about our worms but we have a few new topics to add to our Down to Earth Expedition. I won't give away all of them but you can figure out a couple of them in the photo below. (Hint: You might want to buy a pair of gardening gloves for the not too distant future.)

Adventure Education
Part Two of our Winter Voyage (Spring Voyage) is coming up this Friday, April 11th. That is less than a week away! We will be going to Castlewood Canyon to climb the rocks in the canyon and going on a great hike. You will need a sack lunch on this day and clothing appropriate for climbing and hiking. Below is a picture from last year just to give you a sneak peek at what we will be doing.

Maker Station
The Maker Station - one our most popular stations - will be back in action when we return. We do not need more items except for more cardboard tubes like those from paper towels and toilet paper. You can send those in as they become available at your house.
Photo from earlier in the year
In Reading, we will be finishing up our study of nonfiction books by taking a look a few more great nonfiction series. We will also begin exploring a new genre of books - graphic novels. These are always so much fun and have such a wide variety of levels (from wordless to more complex test) and topics that there is something for everyone. Below are a few pictures of books I have gathered from the public library to share with the crew. (Remember that you can click on the pictures to get a larger view.)
Graphic Novels that are good for everyone

Graphic Novels with a bit more challenge

More Graphic Novels that are a bit more challenging
Animal Planet Nonfiction Series

Nonfiction books by Melissa Stewart

Comparing Bugs Series

Nonfiction books by Steve Jenkins
Some of our Ready Freddy books and Ricky Ricotta books were falling apart and the crew asked me to get some new ones. Here they are!

Future Read Alouds - some we will start right away on Tuesday. All of these are very funny!

As you can see, we have so much to look forward to as we come back from break. I know that I am very excited and can't wait to see the crew and hear all about their breaks. I also know that there will be many more exciting things to come (and that I will think of a few that I will wish I had included in this post as soon as I hit publish). See you soon!

Important Dates
4/8 First day back to school after Spring Break
4/11 Voyage to Castlewood Canyon
4/10 - 4/13 DCSD Art Show at the Castle Rock Outlets
4/25 No School - Teacher Comp Day
5/7 3rd Grade Portfolio Showcase (I highly recommend that you volunteer to be on the panels for these - or the 6th grade showcase. It is a wonderful experience.)
5/14 6th Grade Portfolio Showcase
5/26 No School - Memorial Day
6/4 Last Day of School

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