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Monday, November 10, 2014

Skyping with Mrs. Price's Class from Australia

Last year I "met" Joan Price, a teacher from Australia, on Twitter. We became friends (we can talk for hours when just the two of us are on Skype) and connected our classrooms. I have been anxiously awaiting the time when I could introduce my crew this year to her class. We had to wait until we switched to daylight savings time in order to have any school time in common. Today we Skyped with them for the first time at 3 pm our time which was 8 am Tuesday morning for them. This year Joan and I matched up our classes so that they each had a buddy in the other class. Because we have more students than they do some of us doubled up. Her class is a combination Prep/Grade 1 class. Prep is comparable to our Kindergarten. It was exciting to get to talk with them today. Ms. Lauren's crew came in to watch because they are going to Skype a class in this school later. Ask your child to tell you all about the things we have learned about them.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 4.1 Reading Thermometers

Important Dates
11/17-11/21 Book Fair
11/20 Service Learning Trip to Bonaventure Senior Living Center
11/20 Thanksgiving Feast at school - Click here to sign up
11/26-11/28 No School ~ Thanksgiving
12/5 Fieldwork to Joyous Chinese Cultural Center
12/19 Fieldwork to Pacific Ocean Market and King's Land Restaurant
12/22 - 1/5 Winter Break
2/26 Winter Voyage ~ Day 1 - not an overnight trip (Day 2 will be in April - also not an overnight trip)

1 comment:

  1. Great post Ms Jill. Funny that most of my photos have the same children in them! Looking forward to next time!