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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Books about Families in China

Earlier in this Expedition we studied our own families and wrote books about them. Many of those are now available to view on your child's blog as a ShowMe presentation. Some are still in the works. Currently we have been studying families in China and how they are similar to or different from our families. We are in the process of writing books about families in China. These will hopefully appear on your child's blog after the Winter Break. Below are a few sample pages from a few books.

Children in China go to school just like we do. The school has a meeting in the morning. Whey they do it they exercise.

Everybody goes to school. They kick a birdy. They exercise in big rows. Sometimes they go home for lunch. They have to wash their own dishes at school. In China they speak a different language. This is how you count to ten: yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu,and shi. They use ink.

Families in China live in lots of homes. Apartments are tall. They have lots of windows, House boats are cool.

House boats are not houses that look like boats. They are real boats in the water. Villages have small houses and big houses.

Some people in the United States do not know China clocks. But China clocks are cool. This is how to say it: yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu and shi.

Teachers in China can have 50 children. Children in China go to school just like us. Many schools teach English.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Practice basic addition and subtraction facts

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