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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Writing Samples

We recently finished writing books about our families and soon we will begin writing books about families in China. We also did some prompted writing as a way for me to check how our writing is progressing. The prompts were very basic so that each child could focus on the mechanics of writing. The prompts included describing our shoes on one day and our hair on another day. We are working on remembering to have good spaces between words, using lowercase letters except for names and the beginning of a sentence, writing neatly, attempting to use end punctuation correctly, and listening carefully to hear all of the sounds in a word when we are spelling them. We also try to remember to use our spelling resources around the room to help us when writing words. Below are a few samples of our writing that made me smile. Click on each picture to see a larger version.

My hair is short. It naturally highlights in the sun. It turns red when it is really sunny. When the sun is normal it turns brown.

My hair is brown with a few gray hairs. My hair is short. It has a tail.

My hair is brown with some blonde strands. Normally is would be straight. Sometimes is would be wavy.

My hair is blonde. My hair goes down to my ears.

My hair is brown. I like my hair in a pony tail. My hair is straight. I have bangs.

My shoe is a size 2. It is a police car. It is very dirty and it has lights on the front and the middle. It says Sketchers on the bottom. My socks are smelly because my feet sweat.

My shoe is red. My feet are smelly. My shoe has laces. My shoe is dirty. My socks are smelly.

My shoe is blue and gray. It has invisible stripes. They are high tops.

My shoe is blue, green and black. It has laces and it says Geofoam. And it has soft padding on the bottom.

My dad is in a big company. My dad has lots of people in his company. He has 1,200.

My mom works at a clothes store. At my mom's store I help my mom count the money.

My dad likes golf. My mom likes to rest. My sister likes shopping. Holland likes her toes. I like to go to school.

I am Sam. Sam I am. I grow like a weed. I am really smart!

My dad is funny. The things that drive me crazy about my dad are: eat spicy food, watch scary movies and most of all...tricking us.

My dad likes to watch TV because he mostly watches the news. My mom likes to put on jewelry because she thinks that its pretty.

My sister throws a fit when my mom puts her coat on. My mom like to go on my dad's computer and look at Facebook.

My grandma likes washing clothes. And she makes the best pancakes. She likes puzzles and she likes Monopoly.

My mom likes serving and she likes Pete the Cat and she likes watching TV and she likes playing soccer.
I am sick. One day I was at a store. Every time I touched something I would put my fingers in my mouth. The next day I stayed in my bed. My tummy hurt for some reason so I laid down most of the day.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 4.13 Unit 5 Family Letter

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