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Monday, January 26, 2015

Math Exchanges

One of the math activities that we frequently do is called a math exchange. We call it this because we are exchanging our ideas around a mathematical topic or concept. The activity begins with a problem that we read together as a crew to make sure that we all understand what the problem is saying. Then we all try and work to solve it on our own. After we have had a chance to think about this problem on our own, we collaborate with a partner to see if their ideas will influence our ideas and vice versa. Finally we end with a whole crew debrief session where we share our ideas and the methods we each used to solve the problem. So much great sharing and learning happens during these sessions. Below are some pictures of our session from last Friday.

 The Problem
Pam has 29 goldfish crackers for snack. Doug has 17 goldfish crackers for snack. How many more goldfish crackers does Pam have than Doug?
 Working Independently

Working Together

Work Samples

Group Debrief or Sharing

Next Problem
I have a bunch of red and blue crayons in our crayon tubs. I want to give everyone in our crew five crayons, but I want to know all the different ways that I could give them five red and blue crayons. How many ways can I do that?

Work in Progress

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 6.2 Name Collection Boxes - There is a letter to families on the back of today's Home Link.

Important Dates
2/13 No School - Professional Development Day for Teachers
2/16 No School - President's Day
2/26 Winter Voyage ~ Day 1 - not an overnight trip (Day 2 will be in April - also not an overnight trip)
3/18 Student-Led Conferences for First Grade
3/23 - 4/3 Spring Break

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