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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Read Aloud Suggestions

As you are preparing for Spring Break, remember to find some great books to read aloud to your child. You can also find some great audio books to use while traveling by car or airplane. The crew is just reaching the stage in reading where they really love to read books in a series. Series books provide a ready-made place to look for your next book and they are comforting to beginning readers because they know the characters and set up of each book in the series and so provide a great way to read for fun. I have been reading the first book in many series to the crew as read alouds. These books are generally just a little bit above the reading level of most of the students but are great for a read aloud experience and it will set them up to find series that they will enjoy reading next year. If you are looking for a good read aloud, you might try finding the next book in one of the following series:

Read alouds after break:

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We have library tomorrow. Please help your child remember to return his or her books so that he or she can check out new books to have over Spring Break.

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