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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Math Fact Practice - Bonus Post

Today we practiced our 8, 9 and 10 math facts. We learned a strategy to help us with these facts. Since we all find adding 10 to be "easy" we thought about how we could make adding 9 "easy". Our strategy was to think of a problem like 9 + 7 like this: Take one away from the 7 and add it to the 9 to make a ten, then the problem is 10 + 6 and that is "easy". We did the same strategy for adding 8. We first did this using counters and a ten frame but quickly moved into doing this in our head. After that we played a math facts game on our iPads. It is called Math Slide: Addition and Subtraction Facts by Math Adventure. At first we played by ourselves but after some practice, we began to play with friends - up to 4 people can join in a game on an iPad at once. The crew loved it. They made Ms. Wendy and I giggle as we watched their excitement. Ms. Wendy went and grabbed an iPad to film some of the excitement. The growling sound you will hear is actually the beginning of a guttural laugh - no one was harmed in the making of these videos. Enjoy the short videos below. They will make you smile. (If you get this post by email, you will need to go directly to the blog to view the videos.)

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