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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Learning

Some of you have asked for ideas of things to do over the summer to continue the learning and my top requests for summer learning would be to read, to visit lots of great places and spend lots of time enjoying nature. If you still have time for more learning, then here are a few more ideas for summer learning that are in line with our school philosophy. Click on the pictures below to go to the site with more information.

Physical Activity
GoNoodle is the site we use for body breaks. They are hosting a free online summer movement camp.

Expedition - Science and Social Studies

Wonderopolis is available as a website and as an app. This site posts a "wonder" a day with a huge variety of topics and then gives the answer to the question. Answers usually include text to read along with either photographs or a short video clip to help explain the topic more in-depth. Past wonders include:
Why are pandas rare?
Who was Annie Oakley?
Does hand sanitizer really work?
Why are people different colors?
How do you get allergies?
Why do we need trees?
Do fish sleep with their eyes open?

To visit Wonderopolis, click on the picture below.
Wonderopolis is a site filled with interesting articles and videos on a wide range of topics. They are also hosting an online summer camp.

Click here to visit a previous post that included summer reading ideas and booklists.
Click here to learn more about the Bedtime Math website.

Click here to see a list of math games to play to practice basic math facts.

Click here to learn the rules for a fun game to play to practice counting money amounts.


Have your child keep a journal. Things to write about include:
  • their own list of wonders
  • build a Lego structure, a block structure, a fairy garden, a fort or other cool thing and then write a story about the people or creatures who live there
  • a list of books they have read or want to read
  • a few sentences about what they do each day
  • fiction stories about some of their favorite characters
  • research about a topic that they are especially interested in
  • lists of things they love
  • lists of things they dislike  
  • create your own ideas

Our Kidblog page will still be open and available to anyone who would like to write a blog post about their summer adventures. I would also love to receive emails from the crew telling me about their summer activities.

Click on the picture to see some spelling games and ideas.

Online Resources and Games
Click here to visit the websites and games that we played in our classroom this year.
The bottom line for summer learning is to have fun and follow your child's interests. It also helps if you are excited about whatever they choose to do - excitement is contagious. I hope your summer is full of wonderful learning experiences.

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