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Monday, May 4, 2015

Taking Control of Their Learning

This is a great time in first grade. At this point in the year more and more students begin to take control of their own learning. They have interests that they want to follow and goals that they want to reach. I love it! Just a few examples include:
  • One student is completely obsessed with the Titanic and has read several books about it and created several ShowMes about it.
  • One student brought in a books to share with the crew - one was a book of science experiments and one was a book about bees.
  • One student and his family started a beehive at the house and this student has been sharing all of the details of that (and some bees) with us.
  • Several students are writing "chapter" books.
  • A few students were inspired by the artwork of Eric Carle and are doing the illustrations in the books they are writing in a similar style.
  • Other students have found book series that they love: A to Z Mysteries, Dinosaur Cove, Cork and Fuzz and more.
  • Other students are finding shapes every where.
  • Some students have decided that they need to work on memorizing their basic math facts and they are working seriously towards this goal.
  • Some students are investigating using quotation marks in their writing or trying to become better spellers.
There are many more examples - these are just a few. Below are a couple of photos of Gabby's bee book that she is working on at home. She brought it in to share with us. It is filled with drawings of many different types of bees.

We must encourage all of the students to follow their passions and their goals. Who knows how far they will go and what they will find fascinating next.

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 10.1 Graphing Birth Months

Important Dates
5/13 3rd Grade Portfolio Showcase (I highly recommend that you volunteer to be on the panels for these - or the 6th grade showcase. It is a wonderful experience. Click here for more information.)
5/27 6th Grade Portfolio Showcase
5/25 No School - Memorial Day
6/3 Last Day of School

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