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Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank You Again!

Today was the final day of Teacher Appreciation Month at Renaissance and boy do I feel appreciated! I loved all of the gifts from you and the crew. You are so kind and thoughtful. My book made me cry. The crew asked me to read it to them and I couldn't even get through the first page. Ms. Debbie, Ashlee's mom, had to step in and take over for me. The notes and thoughts that you and the crew expressed in that book mean so much to me. I will always treasure it and your children. Thank you!

This is the first page that I couldn't get through.

I wanted to show you all what the inside of my book looked like but I couldn't choose a page to share so I just let the book fall open and I used that page. Every page is perfect and I love them all. Thank you.

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