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Friday, September 18, 2015

Making Pickles

Yesterday, Ms. Charlene, (Ali's mom) came in and taught us how to make refrigerator pickles. We all got to meet with her in small groups of three students to learn how to make them and then to give it a try. We can't wait to try them on Monday after they have been refrigerated for the weekend. Thanks, Ms. Charlene for showing us another great treat that comes from a garden.

Help pack your child's gear for the Voyage.
Read some great books.

IA (Integrated Arts)
Our IA next week is Music.

Our crew got over 150 books from our book order. Wow! Thank you to all who ordered books. The crew is already enjoying them. You can always go to our crew account and order books online any time. It is very easy for me to just push "submit order" and then books will be delivered right to our classroom for your child.

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