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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sign Language

We are so lucky to have Ms. Wendy as our Educational Assistant - for many reasons - but this post is about how she is teaching us sign language. We have spent a few minutes each day learning the sign language alphabet and a few other signs. We will continue to learn more signs as the year progresses. This year we are using the sign language alphabet as part of our word work learning. We are using it when we listen for sounds in a word, when we are spelling words and as we work on blending sounds in words. It is helping some students to have this kinesthetic way to practice hearing and recording sounds and learning new words. Thanks, Ms Wendy!

Read a good book or two. Your child is bringing home a book in a ziploc bag each day from Monday through Thursday to read to you. You can also read aloud to them or they can read books you check out from the public library.

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