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Friday, September 11, 2015

Silent Gallery Walk

Yesterday we had a silent gallery walk. During this walk we looked at artifacts that are related to the new Expedition that we are starting this week. It was hard to walk around silently and not share our ideas yet. We still didn't learn what our new Expedition was about. At this point we wanted to leave them wondering just a bit. This practice (called Mystery Piece) increases the engagement and the "need to know" about our new Expedition. Today we talked more about any thoughts we had overnight and I did share with them that our Expedition is called "We are Family" and that our first case study would be about our own families.  I am not sharing with them what our second case study will be about yet so please don't share if you already know. We have a Mystery Piece for that case study, too.

Pictures of my family and Ms. Wendy's family

More specific details about our Expedition are below. Some of these learning targets will be meet in other areas of study outside of our Expedition.

Enduring Understanding
  • There is diversity and sameness in the world/Parts impact the whole

Essential Question

  • How do people learn to get along in the world when there are so many similarities and differences?

Outcomes: Long Term Learning Targets:

  • I can analyze patterns and chronological order of events of the recent past.
  • I can compare and contrast characteristics of multiple sources of cultural differences.
  • I can analyze family and cultural traditions in the United States in the past.
  • I can analyze geographic tools such as maps and globes.
  • I can deconstruct my biases.
  • I can analyze how different groups and communities interact with each other and the environment.

Guiding Questions
  • What can we learn from studying the past?
  • What is important to understand about the rest of the world?

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.

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