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Friday, October 16, 2015

Are You Ready to Come Back to School?

I know I am! I can't wait to see you all on Tuesday. I have missed you so much! We have so many great things to look forward to once we get back to school.

For example:
  • Ms. Wendy and I added some things to our map making station.
  • We will have a coding app station to learn more about coding.
  • Halloween will be here soon and we will have a costume parade.
  • We will start a new case study in our Expedition. Shh! If you know what it is, don't tell. It is a surprise! It will have a couple of fieldwork experiences to go along with it!
  • We will begin to write blog posts during Writer's Workshop. Then our blogs will have other kinds of posts rather than just ShowMes.
  • We will finally get to Skype with our friends from Australia (after the time change).
  • We will have student-led conferences and you can show your parents all that you have learned so far.
  • We are going to make an online presentation as a whole crew with all of the facts we learned when we interviewed our grandparents. (Check this blog at the end of the week to check it out.)
  • I gathered some new book collections from the public library for us to read. They are very funny. Check them out in the pictures below.
  • There is so much more but we will just have to get back to school and get started to find out what awaits us.
 Here are a couple of pictures of the books I have gathered for us. There are more but I couldn't fit them all into the pictures. You will have to check them out on Tuesday morning!

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