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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guest Readers

We have been lucky enough to have some wonderful guest readers. Many of them come in to read a book to us as their child's birthday treat. We always love that! (I think it is even more popular than having an extra recess with this year's crew.) Today we had a birthday treat read aloud and a Halloween read aloud so we were doubly lucky!

Kaisa's mom read to us on Kaisa's birthday earlier in the year.

Marley's mom read to us on Marley's birthday right before Fall Break.

Some fifth graders came in to do a Picture Book Slam with us.

They recommended books to us. This is Kim, Tori's sister.

They had great props.

This is Emily, Gracie's sister.

Ms. Diana came in today dressed as a king.

She read a Halloween story to us. We loved it.

Lily's mom read a story to us this afternoon for Lily's birthday. It was a great day for guest readers.

Homework ~ Read a good book or two.

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