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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Happening in Reading and Writing?

During our reader's workshop the last few days, we have been learning about "just right" books and how to select them. One of the first things that we learned is that we have to find a book that we are interested in, then we can decide if we can read it on our own or if we need someone to read it to us or help us read it. We know that it is also fun to just look at the pictures of books that might be too challenging for us right now. We learned that reading lots of "just right" books is the best way to get better at reading. Then we will soon be able to read those books that are challenging for us now. Below are a couple of books we read together as a crew to help us think about learning to read and selecting "just right" books.

During our writer's workshop the last few days, we have been learning about how to know when to put a period in our writing. One of the easiest ways we learned about is to remember to put in a period every time we stop to think about what we will write next. That usually means that we are going to write about a new idea so that would be a good place to separate the ideas with a period.

Coming up in reading, we will begin to learn about how to retell the stories we read using characters names and telling the events in order. In writing we will look at various ways authors put their stories into some kind of sequence or order. These two topics are related to each other so we should be able to make comparisons to what we are learning in reading and writing.

Homework ~ Read a good book or two.

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