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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Snow Day!

We have a Snow Day today! Yesterday while we were chatting with Mrs. Price's class in Australia (they were wearing shorts), we told them that we were going to have a blizzard that night. They were curious about what a blizzard was and what it might look like. I emailed them a few photos last night. Today we are gathering pictures of ourselves enjoying the day after the blizzard. We don't have school and we can play outside in the snow!

I will continue to add photos as they come in so keep checking back for updates!

Mazie is starting us off with photos of her day in the snow. She and her sister were working hard to clear the driveway. Now she and her gear are drying out by the fire.

Kaisa and her big brother spent some time building a snow fort. Look at all of that snow! They later added a tunnel and a comfy chair on top of the snow fort.

Emmy is inside playing Monopoly Jr. with her Papa. She also enjoyed some time outside.

Quinn got some fresh air and enjoyed some sledding and beautiful sights! So much snow!

Rhiannon spent the day with her new snow friend.

Rhiannon warmed up with some hot chocolate with marshmallows. Mmm...

Braedyn and his big brother made a snowman and a snow fort. They were busy today!

Logan worked hard this morning helping his dad clear their driveway and then had some fun sledding.

Lincoln spent some quality time with his big sister in all of our snow.

Tori did some tubing with her family today. It was cold this morning!

Ben played outside all day. Early this morning he dug a path for his dog and then he dug a snow tunnel. He also helped his Dad shovel the driveway. That's a lot of shoveling!

This photo was taken yesterday at the beginning of the storm while we were Skyping with Mrs. Price's class.

Tanner did some sledding and got completely buried in the snow. Brrr!

Aubriana went to a local park for her snow day fun. It looks like it was kind of tough to swing!

Marley and her mom built a snow fort and made face imprints in the snow - that makes me shiver. Later on while running an errand Marley found a snow mound that she wanted to climb.

Jackson and his brother went to school today to sled. You can see Renaissance in the background. That is a great sledding hill.

Riley threw snowballs today. He dared his Dad to throw one right at him. Then he had to throw one back at his Dad.

Gracie built a road in the snow with her brother and played with his cars on it.

Lorelai played outside and then came in and bundled up and stayed warm while watching it snow.

Ms. Wendy and her dog enjoyed the deep, deep snow. Her cat was not too sure about it all, though.

Lily and her little brother (we have heard so much about him) made a snowman.

JP helped shovel the deck, went sledding and did a science experiment learning about volcanoes and vinegar and baking soda interactions.

Alex helped his Mom shovel and played in his backyard including having a snowball fight with his Mom and little brother. Later he and his brother worked on a puzzle and read some books about winter.

Jackson enjoyed the snow by sledding. His dog seemed to really like it, too.

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  1. We LOVED Skyping with you. We LOVE these photos too! We showed our whole school! We were amazed. It looks like so much fun that many of us wish it would snow here(it never snows in Jindivick) One or two of us have been to a snow field in our Winter, 1 hour drive away but that is a very special treat. Thank you so much to Ms Jill(Ms Amazing), the children and their parents for posting these photos for us way down here.