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Monday, December 7, 2015

Stewardship in the Hallway

With all of the cold, snowy weather we have been having lately, we have needed to have our winter gear at school to wear at recess times. We noticed that we were having lots of issues with our gear - missing gloves, hats, coats, shoes and boots just to name a few. When I looked out at our cubbies in the hallway, I could see why. It is hard to organize all of that gear in a small space so we decided that we needed a lesson that included different suggestions of ways to organize your gear in your cubbie area. Our lesson worked! We no longer have gear all over the floor in the hall and most importantly our "missing items" issue has improved significantly. Now we are all trying to remember to show good stewardship in our hallways and keep our gear and our friends safe (no more tripping over piles of boots). Ms. Kristin often has to come to the cubbies to get backpacks for kids who are going home sick. She commented the other day about how nice and tidy our cubbies were. The crew was proud that Ms. Kristin noticed.

Homework ~ Read a good book or two. Check out a Bedtime Math story.

Important Dates
12/18 Fieldwork to Pacific Ocean Market and Kings Land Restaurant
12/18 Winter Holiday Party
12/21-1/4 No School ~ Winter Break 
1/5 First day back after break

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