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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

QR Codes

We are using the QR code reader on our iPads to take us to videos that show other kids solving math problems. We scan the QR codes on the card at the math station, then we play the video that pops up. We stop the video after the problem is read and try to solve it on our own and then we hit play again to see how our solution compares to the other students. This is a fun way to practice math problems.

Last Sunday I followed a Twitter chat of 1st grade teachers and one of them (from Iowa) suggested this great idea that I want our crew to participate in this month. The kids will read the books shown from the app, Epic and then scan the QR code for the book. They will be taken to a Padlet for that book and will be able to add their thoughts about the story there and read the thoughts of other first graders from around the country. Right now we are just reading the books but I will soon teach them how to add to a Padlet and then we will be able to share our thoughts. It should be interesting! I'll share more as we get more into this project.

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