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Friday, January 22, 2016

Venn Diagrams

Now that we have been exposed to how Venn diagrams work, we tried to fill one out on our own. Earlier we had completed a Venn diagram comparing the United States and China and another one comparing our class to Mrs. Price's class. We worked on these together as a whole crew. Yesterday, was the first time we tried to complete one on our own. We compared the book characters of Henry and Annie. Take a look at some examples below.

Homework ~ Read a good book or two. Check out a Bedtime Math story.

MinM ~ Minds in Motion
Our MinM next week is PE.

Our volunteers today are Mr. David and Ms. Shauna. Mr. David came in and put together all of our new shelves and they look fantastic. They are empty but they will soon be filled. I can't thank Mr. David enough for doing this job. It was a big one!

Our classroom was a bit jumbled today but some students got to try out our new chairs. They are so comfy for reading! I will send pictures of some of our new items next week after some sorting and organizing this weekend. Thanks so much to all of you and the Life is Art fundraiser for making this possible.

Ms. Shauna comes in on Fridays during math to help us out. Most of the time she works with small groups but she also walks around and helps all of us, too. Thanks Ms. Shauna for all of your help!

Truth in Advertising: We staged this photo because we forgot to take pictures during math. It was a busy day!

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