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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ballet Cat Series

I have been searching for more books that first graders will love. I read an article that suggested a list of series for kids who love Elephant and Piggie. The list included Ballet Cat, A Pig in a Wig and A Pig, A Fox and a Box. We have been sampling these series and have really enjoyed them. The biggest hit (much to my surprise) was Ballet Cat. The whole crew loved this series. One of the books in this series is called, "Dance, Dance, Underpants".  I knew that it would cause a big round of the sillies so I decided to wait to read it until the very end of the day and then send the silly children home with you. Ms. Diana came by and I showed her the new series that we were enjoying and she asked if she could come back that afternoon to hear, "Dance, Dance, Underpants". I told her that not only could she come back but that she could read it to the crew, too. I knew she would do it in grand "Ms. Diana" style. She didn't disappoint. She came in carrying a large pair of underpants and put them on over her clothes before she began to read and the giggles began. This all happened last Thursday. You might remember because we were rather late coming out at the end of the day. The book lasted right up until the end of the day and then we learned that it is hard to gather your gear and get out the door when you are feeling so silly. But it was totally worth it because we learned about some great new books and also just how much fun reading can be.

I was too distracted by the story to get a good picture but this is Ms. Diana with green underpants over her clothes.

Important Dates
2/10 Author visit 10 am in the library
2/25 Winter Voyage ~ day trip only
3/2 Life is Art Artists Edition 4 pm
3/5 Life is Art ~ Adult Event 6 pm Kirk Hall
3/19 - 4/3 Spring Break
4/4 No School ~ Teacher Work Day

Homework ~ Read a good book or two. Check out a Bedtime Math story.

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