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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crew Authors

The crew has finished writing their realistic fiction books and we are now using them as read alouds and the crew loves this.  There are some fantastic stories in this bin of books. Stop by and check them out.

Homework ~ Read a good book or two. Check out a Bedtime Math story.

Our volunteer today is Ms. Allison. Yes, Ms. Allison works at our school as our social worker but she also volunteers to work with first grade each Wednesday (her day off) during lunch. During Lunch Bunch, the kids work on social skills like taking turns, working together, asking to join a group of friends playing a game and other skills. The crew loves to go to Lunch Bunch. Everyone in our crew has had at least one turn to go this year so far and they are all eager for more turns. Thanks, Ms. Allison!

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